Some Commonly Asked Questions

about Shipsi

Q: What is Now Commerce by Shipsi?
A. Now commerce by Shipsi enables brands and retailers to deliver online orders to their customers in a matter of only minutes or hours after they click purchase. That timeframe could be 60 mins, 90 mins, 3 hours or a timeframe established by the retailer.
Q: How do I get Now Commerce by Shipsi as a delivery option at check-out for my consumers?
A: It’s easy! The implementation will take around 9 minutes from start to finish. We send you a link, you download the app and set up your business rules, do a couple test runs and the option at checkout will seamlessly appear on your website! Contact our customer service team to get started.
Q: How long does implantation take?
A: Once you receive the download link, the entire process will take about 9 mins to complete. After the API implementation has been completed we will require some additional information to customize your business rules. Once we receive this data, the final step takes about 6 mins to complete.
Q: How much does Shipsi cost me?
A: Shipsi has a tiered cost structure based on the volume of Now Commerce orders to ensure you’re always getting the best value from your investment.
Q. Am I too small of a brand to provide my customers with Now Commerce by Shipsi?
A. Of course not! Regardless if you’re doing 10 orders or 10 million orders, we have a solution for you. Many of our early  customers were doing less than 50 orders per month when they started with us and have seen a great ROI. There is no risk for you (or your customers) since our pricing is 100% based on the value you get from Now Commerce by Shipsi.
Q: How much does it cost the end consumer to use Now Commerce delivery service option?
A: The delivery cost is variable depending on your customers’ location. However we are much less expensive than any existing overnight or 2 day delivery service.
Q: Where is the merchandise picked up from?
A: All orders are picked up from the locations you specify. e.g., your DC, your store or your 3PL provider.
Q: Does Shipsi replace my normal shipping options? (FedEx, UPS, USPS)
A: No, Shipsi is a service that is additional to your existing forms of shipping – we are just faster and cheaper.
Q: How will we tell the difference between a regular web order and a Shipsi order?
A: We send notifications via email and text to designated people within your company to alert them that a Shipsi order needs immediate attention.
Q. Who picks up and delivers the orders to the customers?
A. One of Shipsi’s delivery partners. (e.g.,  Postmates)
Q. Will the customer be notified when their order is on its way?
A. Yes, the customer will receive a live tracking notification email with an estimated time for delivery.
Q: Will the Order# or PO# reference Shipsi?
A: This is your decision. We like to give your brand the credit for the fast delivery at the end of the day, but are happy to let the consumer know how you met their needs so quickly.
Q: Will these orders have to be packaged differently than regular online order?
A: No, whatever you would normally do for online orders still apply.  However, you will not need to generate a shipping label.
Q. How does a customer qualify for Now Commerce by Shipsi?
A. If the customer’s delivery location falls within a certain geographic location (set by you), they qualify to receive their order in specified timeframe, that could be 60 mins, 90 mins, 3 hours, or a timeframe of your choosing.
Q: What about warehouse availability / operating hours?
A: You have complete control over the hours that the service is available.   You pick the days and times that suit your needs and with a few quick clicks you can adjust the service times to match your peak trading events/times/seasons.
Q: Returns
A: All returns are done via the standard method of the retailer.
Q. What types of buildings can orders be delivered to?
A. Any and all. Our delivery partners will hand deliver where directed or leave at a designated location.
Q: Why use Shipsi instead of Postmates or Uber directly?
    1. Brand Loyalty: We encourage consumers to buy directly from your website.  When consumers want Nike tennis shoes do they think to go to the Uber App?
    2. Driver Network: We believe it’s better to have a last-mile network of 500k+ drivers rather than one single driving network. For example, Postmates is the largest in the US with 160k+ drivers (but…..). In addition, we often provide a better delivery price to the consumer because we let them battle out the bids on the backend before the option is displayed for consumers. For example, an Uber might charge $24 for immediate delivery but there might be a Postmate closer to the merchandise who only charges $6.
    3. Available Merchandise: Every last-mile delivery network we’ve spoke to (which is A LOT) has no way of knowing the size, weight, and dimensions of the products they are picking up. Our technology enables us to cater to  brands/retailers of any size and match them with the appropriate type of transportation. For example, we’ll never try to put a couch on a bike, which has actually happened when others tried.
    4. Manusha: Brands/retailers would also have to set up accounts with each network directly, and therefore dealing with them each separately . It would simply not be an efficient use of time for your  employee to be spending their time checking various delivery companies, rather than spending time with customers, planning, merchandising, etc.
    5. Customer Service: Shipsi has customer service for all parties involved in the transaction, Insurance: We have a policy built within our agreement so you (and your customer) are covered in an instance where something goes wrong.
    6. Data: We provide an internal dashboard for every customer with best practices and actionable insights for you to use and/or have a team to help assist and make recommendations to support the business even further.
Q: Does Shipsi offer Customer Service for my customers?
A: Absolutely! We offer customer service standard to all of our customers to offer the end consumer one point of contact between you and the driver.
Q: Can I analyze what my customers want now with Shipsi?
A: Of course! We provide an internal dashboard for every customer with best practices and actionable insights.   We also have a team to help assist to make recommendations to support the business even further.
Q. How much is Shipsi/Now Commerce delivery?
A. The delivery price is calculated in real time to give the customer the cheapest and fastest shipping option. Prices may vary on location and time of order. Pricing will be displayed at checkout in the shipping section, BEFORE your customer makes their final purchase.
Q. Why use Now Commerce by Shipsi?
A: So you can satisfy your customers’ desire for instant gratification, decrease your shopping cart abandonment rate, increase your sales and provide great customer service! Your Ecommerce customers no longer have to wait 7 days to receive their order, or pay an arm and leg to get their order the next day. With Now Commerce by Shipsi your customer can receive their order on the same day and you get to decide whether that’s in 60 minutes or 2.5 hours.
Q. Does the customer have to use Now Commerce by Shipsi if in the selected region?
A: No, but why wouldn’t they?! Just kidding. If the customer chooses not to use Now Commerce by Shipsi, he/she would simply select one of the traditional shipping options available.
Q. How do I know if my Ecommerce platform will work with Shipsi?
A. We’ll connect to almost any Ecommerce platform, no problem. Contact us to learn more, even if you are running on a homegrown Ecommerce or inventory management platform.
Q. Do I have to change my ecommerce platform/ERP/warehouse/item management system to be eligible for Now Commerce by Shipsi?
A. No! You’ll be able to keep all your business systems operating per usual. We’ll simply add an additional shipping option or method consistent with all existing systems.
Q: How do you get delivery time from 48 hours down to 5 hours?
A: We only handle the most immediate orders and our technology calculates a compatable last-mile delivery driver in the area. We work with brands/retailers to define specific business rules to make the option appear or not appear based on a geographic radius, specific merchandise, and pick up times. If the business rules are not met, no ‘Shipsi’ option appears for the consumer and they just see standard shipping options.
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