The Shipsi Story

Welcome to the Now Commerce Era

At SHIPSI, the #1 focus we obsess over will always be the consumer experience. But a close second is obsessing over how we can bring massive value to our brand and retail partners. After personally being in corporate retail offices buying and planning, followed by directly working with over 500 top brands and retailers, I become incredibly frustrated there wasn’t a solution on the market that truly caters to the retail market. That’s why I knew we were onto something with Shipsi—because I asked just about anyone and everyone I knew from retail, “Would you find value in offering Prime-like capabilities to your consumers, using your existing infrastructure, not having to pay for the shipping at all, not having to make any significant changes to your current systems… and also get all the juicy data that comes with it?” It became impossible to find someone who said no. That’s where the vision of Shipsi started— A flawless omni-channel consumer experience we refer to as Now Commerce.


To reimagine the consumer experience and build
the supply chain network of the future.

Our Offices

500 W 2nd St #1900,
Austin, TX 78701