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Who doesn’t want instant gratification? We fundamentally believe all Ecommerce will be Now Commerce within our not so distant future. We are on a mission to help you thrive in today’s turbulent retail market and to prepare you for what lies ahead. Together, we will revolutionize and create an entirely new kind of retail.

A few years ago Chelsie and Ben met as friends who had a lot of people in common.  Chelsie called Ben for advice over the years, and they soon realized they really liked working together and that they had complementary skills.  So when Ben asked her to take a look at Shipsi, she was excited about the possibility of collaborating in an “official” capacity. Immediately she was drawn to the idea and couldn’t believe it wasn’t being done.  The rest of the story is unfolding in real time as the Shipsi team works hard to expand Now Commerce and to deliver instant gratification to everyone that wants and needs it!